User Benefits

Avoid Double Layer of App + ETF Fees

When you own an ETF, you are paying an annual management fee to the ETF manager. We strive to avoid these fees by investing into single name stocks (i.e. Amazon, Starbucks, Target).

Constantly Lower Your Costs

More frequent stock purchases will help you buy more shares in your favorite brands when prices are lower and fewer shares when prices are higher. Over time, this lowers the costs that you have paid for your stock, thereby increasing your returns!.

Differentiate From Crowded Investment Themes

StockUp recognizes that each investor is unique and inherently personalizes your investments

Be the Owner of Your Brand Loyalty

Be rewarded for shopping at your favorite stores and buying your favorite brands.

Customize Your Social Impact Investing

If you spend your money at the places you believe are socially responsible, you will be investing into those companies. You will be on your way to creating your own personal socially responsible investment portfolio!

Set Your Preferences and Continue With Your Life

Your daily purchases are what drive your investments - no need to overthink complicated investment strategies